Did you know that we have extensive experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging?

Our experience is your security. We are proud to be partners with several major players in the pharmaceutical industry and our long history has given us a unique understanding of the specific requirements and needs of the industry. Our expertise and experience extends to different types of pharmaceutical packaging, labeling and customized solutions. We also have the ability to stock ready-made packaging to deliver it quickly and efficiently when you need it.

With carefully developed procedures.


We have quality-assured procedures and controls to ensure the highest quality of packaging. We are also ISO 9001 certified.


We set high standards of hygiene both in our working methods and in our facility with clean and safe environments.

Security of supply

We understand the importance of being a reliable supplier. Through careful planning and efficient warehousing, we ensure that your packaging always reaches you on time.

Environmentally friendly choices

Through efficient construction and conscious choice of materials, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. We are certified according to ISO 14001.

Let's work

We combine profound industry knowledge with long-term experience. Contact us today and let us be the solution to your packaging needs.

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