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Packaging that is 100% recycable

Published Wednesday, January 31, 2018 06:10

Umpac have developed a plastic free blister packaging that is 100% recycable.


We hope and believe that consumers over time will boycott all packagings containing plastic. A plastic packaging is something we know annoys many consumer both because of environment reasons and the difficulty of opening them. "It is rediculous that you would need a siccors or knife to open some of the plastic packagings in the stores today." Quotes Upacs owner Torvald Östensson.


We have in cooperation with Moltzau in Norway and Kafab in Sweden developed a new packing solution entirly in well. It is both good for the environment, contains a easy open system that dosent need siccors or knifes to open and is also easy for older people to open. Our new product solution is named Cefapac and will be launched during 2018.


Support us in the saving the environment from unnesessary plastic, start making demands on stores to get rid of plastic containers for products you are buying urges Torvald Östensson. We now have science that can remove plastic that were discovered in fish, water and salts that we daily consume that are harmful for us and our environment if not recycled.


Published Tuesday, October 03, 2017 00:00

Umpac offers warehousing of finished products in 5 different locations in Sweden.


Starting October 2017 we can offer our custmers warehousing of finished products in 5 different locations in Sweden. "We can see a increase in the demand for warehousing. Therefor we invest in this concept and also decreases transport distances from our wharehouses.“ Quotes Umpacs owner Torvald Östensson. In these 5 locations we can offer warehousing Umeå, Bräcke, Bollnäs, Gävle and Kumla.

Umpac extends its portfolio of products

Published Thursday, September 07, 2017 05:08

Umpac extends its portfolio of products adding micro and mini well as well as interior fittings made by foam and polyester material.


Starting September 2017 Umpac will be able to both supply and manifacture products made off Micro and Miniwell for its customers. Also we will be able to offersolutions for interior fittings, not just in well material but also foam or polyester. its a natural step in our evolution to become a complete supplier of packing solutions for our customers. ”We can se that its a demand on the market to find complete packing solutions and that its hard to find suppliers that can satisfy this need and who also have durability concept on their products" quotes Torvald Östensson.


Torvald Östensson has from August 1st  2016 acquired all the shares in Umpac AB and owns the concern completely. Just in time for the 30th jubilee of Umpac there is instigated a new owner structure. Torvald comments-The jubilee will be expressed by a new graphic profile and that our company policy of delivering environmentally friendly, durable packaging is amplified in the future.

Umpac has a strong reputation within the packaging industry and will continue to develop its environmentally friendly products together with its customers. This is a very important factor in future strategies and development. We work towards a goal whereby all our products take a responsible roll in improving the environment. During this last year we have methodically improved our production methods and analysed which “partners” deliver to us raw materials and chemicals that are best within our environmental parameters. We have recently changed over to an electricity provider that produces electricity from renewable sources.

Our work with the environmental question is continual and because of this we are at the leading edge within our industry - as yet we cannot do everything but we can contribute to a large degree.

Brännland Cider

Published Friday, September 09, 2016 10:43

Andreas Sundgren: (MD.Brännland cider) -We have had on going tests and discussions with Torvald Östensson and Alexander Mejer at Umpac during the last two years, and feel that we are now at the point in time where we can instigate production. A packaging must add integrity to the product, and in Umpac we have found a partner that is open to continually test different solutions.

Brännland Cider is releasing several products during the autumn, that require - or their value is underlined by an outer packaging.

I have difficulty imagining a partner with the same patience, to return to discussions about how to solve problems as Umpac. They have followed our thoughts and ideas and when necessary produced alternative demo-packaging until we have just the RIGHT ONE. We are extremely satisfied with their professionalism.

Renewable energy

Published Thursday, January 14, 2016 09:08
Torvald Östensson- Umpac has from the 1st january2016, changed over to electricity from renewable sources, delivered by a local company (Umeå Energi). This is yet another step in our environmental strategies that include continually raising the question of how we use natural resources in our industry.

Umpac does not only place environmental limitations on itself, but also on its business partners. It is important that we can follow ECO SYSTEMS PRINCIPELS.

New humidfiers

Published Tuesday, November 03, 2015 11:12
Torvald Östensson (md .Umpac) – Umpac has now commissioned its new humidifiers, which where delivered and installed by Munters of Sweden. It iwas important for us that both company and product lived up to the criteria we had decided on. Our choice was Munters humimax(HM3 series).

With its simplicity it ensures the correct humidity in our production environment despite the time of year or weather. This also improves air quality for our personnel. Umpac strives continually to improve for our customers and personnel.

Humimax manages the high standards required for food packaging production and is extremely energy conscious. It has reduced our energy consumption considerably compared to our earlier system.

We can highly recommend this system and you are welcome to see it in action at our factory at Formvägen 8 in Umeå. 

Torvald Östensson
VD/Umpac AB
We have now achieved this certification and we are thrilled…..said Umpac managing director Torvald Östensson. Umpac has always worked within standards laid down by ISO 9001, but now we have a certificate to prove that our working processes are pursued and function in such a way as to instill security for both our customers and ourselves when we strive for quality.

Umpac has also earlier been awarded an environmental certificate ISO 14001. We also work with GMP which means that we live up to the exacting quality requirements laid down by the pharmaceutical industries. Our next goal is to create a strategy for long term environmental care.

We will be examining for example our use of electricity…transport…waste paper, and from this take our responsibility toward a more environmentally friendly future.

Umpac progressing toward iso 9001 certificate

Published Wednesday, January 28, 2015 07:09
Work with our ISO certifying which began in the autumn of 2014 is progressing well and it is estimated that we are about half way to our goal.

Our hope is that we will be finished with certifying sometime in May 2015. Umpac has always worked within ISO 9001 standards but never taken the final step of certifying. We feel that it is time for us to take our responsibility toward our customers and ourselves and finally guarantee our quality work.

Our ambition is to do everything correctly, from the first customer contact, to a successful delivery

Torvald Östensson – managing director- Umpac.

Recapping of Empack 2014

Published Thursday, November 06, 2014 12:08

The trade exhibition had a total of 5436 visitors, 3057 on the first day and 2379 on the second day.

Our stand was visited by many new prospective customers as well as many established clients. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to visit our stand. This interest meant that we returned with many interesting leads to follow up on.
Umpac introduced a few innovative packaging solutions that created great interest. Some of these can you see here below.

We hope to see you all again for Empack 2016 – Torvald and all the personnel of Umpac.

Umpac in cooperation with ChildFoodFactory

Published Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:14
Umpac has this day the great pleasure of announcing, that we have been chosen as supplier of packaging for ChildFoodFactories recently developed Baby food concept that was launched week 38.

We at Umpac are very excited that we have been chosen to be part of launching this innovative product with our packaging.

This product gives our children the absolute best start in life, giving them carefully chosen and prepared food products of the very highest quality.-Torvald Östensson (UMPAC).

EMPAC 2014

Published Thursday, August 07, 2014 15:25

Packing line from SOCO System

Published Tuesday, January 21, 2014 21:45
UMPAC AB have invested in a packing line from SOCO systems A/s- read the whole article on PDF here

Optimising solutions from SOCO system – Torvald Östensson – managing director for UMPAC AB


A complete packing line incorporating everything from automatic carton taping to robot stacking on pallets.

Umpac ab are based in Umeå in northern Sweden. They produce a varied and creative assortment of quality packaging for a wide array of branches.

Umpacs customers demand high quality, precision and logistics. The company’s focus is to always fulfil this demand. Umpac is in a continual state of expansion and development to keep abreast of customers ever changing needs. To ensure customer satisfaction Umpac work within guide lines as laid down by quality and environmental systems – ISO 9001 and ISO14001.

Doubled capacity without the need to employ more staff.

Capacity and productivity increased considerably with the new pack line. This created the possibility to a larger yearly turn over.

The new pack line has improved our working methods and uses superior ergonomics. This creates a working environment where the machine operators have ample time to maintain Umpacs high standards.

Packing line can install new jobs in just 5 minutes.

Umpac uses at present 12 different shipping cartons, so it is essential to minimise make ready times.

With fast make ready times can even small jobs be run in the pack line and use the advantages of the superior ergonomics it delivers.

Superior solutions from SOCO systems Cooperation between Umpac and SOCO systems project division has led to the creation of an effective pack line incorporating SOCO standard units. Through good communication between all concerned has success in integrating the pack line been achieved.

Complete systems manufactured and installed from SOCO
Because SOCO take care of all aspects of the project from idea to final installation of their own manufactured units. Problems are kept to a minimum and good integration guaranteed.
This also simplifies both service and purchase of reserve parts, reducing eventual stoppages


Published Friday, December 06, 2013 09:20
UMPAC together with GEFLE KATONG PRODUKTION in Karlstad have acquired the bankrupt company SOTT PACKAGING SYSTEM AB

Karlstad July 24, 2013

Gävle Karton & Display AB and Umpac AB acquires, the bankrupt Sott Packing System AB.From 5 August 2013 managing director of the company will be Bengt Levander, from Karlstad. We intend to continue operations at current levels, with the manufacturing of solid carton packaging and offset printed- kascherad  corrugated carton, as well as production of sales support material. Gävle Carton founded in 1907, is based in Gävle and is a supplier of packaging, and display materials. Umpac, based in Umeå has broad knowledge and extensive experience in solid carton printed packaging.Together we create this new organization in which we prioritize high level of service, quality and secure delivery.

Report in Nordenemballage

Published Friday, December 06, 2013 09:13
UMPAC are awarded for automation of their production. See the full report on PDF

Torvald Östensson interview

Published Friday, December 06, 2013 09:02
Torvald Östensson – Umpacs managing director is interviewed at packaging exhibition

See the whole interview here.

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