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Packaging that is 100% recycable

Published Wednesday, January 31, 2018 06:10

Umpac have developed a plastic free blister packaging that is 100% recycable.


We hope and believe that consumers over time will boycott all packagings containing plastic. A plastic packaging is something we know annoys many consumer both because of environment reasons and the difficulty of opening them. "It is rediculous that you would need a siccors or knife to open some of the plastic packagings in the stores today." Quotes Upacs owner Torvald Östensson.


We have in cooperation with Moltzau in Norway and Kafab in Sweden developed a new packing solution entirly in well. It is both good for the environment, contains a easy open system that dosent need siccors or knifes to open and is also easy for older people to open. Our new product solution is named Cefapac and will be launched during 2018.


Support us in the saving the environment from unnesessary plastic, start making demands on stores to get rid of plastic containers for products you are buying urges Torvald Östensson. We now have science that can remove plastic that were discovered in fish, water and salts that we daily consume that are harmful for us and our environment if not recycled.

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