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After many years in business we can without doubt say that we are specialists in the production of solid carton packaging. Our knowledgeable personnel, together with a modern machine park enables us to manage a variety of complicated and large jobs. We continually invest in new techniques and equipment.


We will manufacture environmentally conscious packaging that meets our customers expectations and standards. What we do is visible in the public eye, which means that we must be sensitive to those needs and wishes, and then make them a reality. We continually strive to find exacting solutions, with the correct quality to satisfy customer needs. Umpac has focus on value for our customers as well as our committed staff that work in a rewarding working environment.


Our product quality and environmental demands are determined by the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We comply with the SVENSKA KARTONFÖRPACKNINGFÖRENINGENS standards for deliveries SLF 15.


Certificate FTI


Umpac AB

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906 20 Umeå Sweden

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