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Founded in 1986 in Umeå, where to this day they have their production base.


Umpac as a company is greatly influenced by our stringent values and collective efforts that are explained in our company policy. Umpac has always committed to its personnel, and because of this achieved the very highest standards of trade knowledge and maintained a stable employee base.


All employees are trained in many different production stages, which allows for staff rotation and this increases work place enjoyment. Increased knowledge leads of course to an effective back-up, and guarantees production even when employees are sick.


Umpac is in a positive developing period and over the last few years has shown steady growth. We look forward to the future and hope to continue to develop as an attractive employer, and accomplished supplier of environmentally conscious packaging.

 Umpacs Operating policy

 Umpacs Values



Umpac AB

Fatvägen 4
906 20 Umeå Sweden

Phone +46 (0)90-71 75 50
Fax       +46 (0)90-18 76 40

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